Our fireworks wholesale for Texas

Our company has been producing pyrotechnics since 1999. The production of fireworks at our factories allows us to closely monitor the quality standards and safety standards of our products and control every step of manufacturing. We create premium fireworks with the best colors and effects at the lowest prices. 

Our clients are located in 18 different countries worldwide. Our goal is long-term relationship, which we provide through tailored customer service and high quality products. Our warehouse is located at 6237 S 4th LINE Rd La Porte IN 46350 USA SuperFireworks Incorporated. 

Warehouse of Pyrotechnics SuperFireworks

We will ship your order right to your store or warehouse. Delivery is carried out by specialized transport companies and depend on the distance to your warehouse or a store. Cost of delivery fireworks in Texas depend on the volume of consignment. Please calling by phone: (307) 343-4020. And we have a sale from 10% to 60%. 

Fireworks in Texas!

Texas is the second largest state in the United States by both area and population. The Lone Star State has always been a rebel, and continues to insist that everything here is bigger and better than in the other 49 US states. To some degree that bravado is true. Texas life is a unique one filled with diverse cultures and quirky traditions. Texas has played a huge role in every genre imaginable, from rock to hip-hop, and the state celebrates its music heritage with a number of festivals that happen year-round in Texas. For example: “Neon Desert Music Festival”, El Paso, “Free Press Summer Festival”, Houston, “River City Rockfest”, San Antonio, “Austin City Limits Music Festival”, Austin,” South By Southwest”, Austin. We have a broad spectrum of unique pyrotechnics as you. Our fireworks will add brightness and uniqueness to Texas. You will have the best fireworks with us. Calling.

Holiday of fireworks in Texas

Types of fireworks allowed by law in Texas

Bottle Rockets: With Permit Only
Sky Rockets: Legally Allowed
Roman Candles: Legally Allowed
Firecrackers: Legally Allowed
Sparklers: Legally Allowed
Smoke and Punk: Legally Allowed
Fountains: Legally Allowed
Missiles: Legally Allowed
Novelties: Legally Allowed
Crackle and Strobe: Legally Allowed
Parachutes: Legally Allowed
Wheels and Spinners: Legally Allowed
Aerial Spinners: Legally Allowed
Display Shells: Legally Allowed
Aerial Items: Legally Allowed


Consumer Fireworks

Specifically Permitted:
All fireworks meeting requirements of CPSC and DOT Consumer Fireworks definitions, except for small rockets (less than 4 gms propellant, and casings less than 5/8 of an inch x 3 ½ ,” and overall length including stick of less than 1.8’’ .)

Specifically Prohibited:
See section 2154.00 3(d).

Selling Period:
June 24-July 4 and December 20-January 1, May 1 - May 55 (limited to further than 100 miles from Texas - Mexico border).

Age of Purchase:
16 years

All the information provided above is from American Pyro Association.

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