Our fireworks wholesale for Virginia

Our company has been producing pyrotechnics since 1999. The production of fireworks at our factories allows us to closely monitor the quality standards and safety standards of our products and control every step of manufacturing. We create premium fireworks with the best colors and effects at the lowest prices. 

Our clients are located in 18 different countries worldwide. Our goal is long-term relationship, which we provide through tailored customer service and high quality products. Our warehouse is located at 6237 S 4th LINE Rd La Porte IN 46350 USA SuperFireworks Incorporated. 

Warehouse of Pyrotechnics SuperFireworks

We will ship your order right to your store or warehouse. Delivery is carried out by specialized transport companies and depend on the distance to your warehouse or a store. Cost of delivery fireworks in Virginia depend on the volume of consignment. Please calling by phone: (307) 343-4020. And we have a sale from 10% to 60%. 

Fireworks in Virginia!

We know that Virginians like fireworks show and have holiday with fireworks. HOLLYDAZZLE- is the place to be in the evening hours of the first Saturday of December. Pyrotechnics, synchronized-to-music special effects, and fun light shows make this a tremendous night for all ages. It all happens “in the round” at the City Center at Oyster Point. GRAND ILLUMINATION- Gun fire and fireworks were the celebratory actions one would experience during the 18th century. If you’re in Colonial Williamsburg, what else would you expect? Join in a night of revelry with musical performances and three locations of beautiful fireworks. Grand Illumination occurs the first Sunday of December annually. If suddenly you cannot go to these events, you can arrange fireworks show near your home and get pleasure. We are help you to choose fireworks.

Holiday of fireworks in Virginia

Types of fireworks allowed by law in Virginia

Bottle Rockets: With Permit Only
Sky Rockets: With Permit Only
Roman Candles: With Permit Only
Firecrackers: With Permit Only
Sparklers: Legally Allowed
Smoke and Punk: Legally Allowed
Fountains: Legally Allowed
Missiles: With Permit Only
Novelties: Legally Allowed
Crackle and Strobe: Legally Allowed
Parachutes: With Permit Only
Wheels and Spinners: Legally Allowed
Aerial Spinners: With Permit Only
Display Shells: With Permit Only
Aerial Items: With Permit Only


Consumer Fireworks

Specifically Permitted:
Sparklers, fountains, pharaoh’s serpents, pinwheels, and whirligigs.

Specifically Prohibited:
Firecrackers, skyrockets, torpedoes, and other fireworks which explode, travel laterally, rise into the air, or fire projectiles into the air.

All the information provided above is from American Pyro Association.

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